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Paula Poundstone

Upcoming Online Classes – Beginning Animal Communication and Talking with Your Own Animals

Do you want to get started learning how to do animal communication? These two classes will get you going. Both are offered online in February.


If you have had a beginning class from any other teacher I accept that as equivalent to mine. If you want to take Talking with Your Own and cant make the Beginning class , we can do a private tutoring session to satisfy that requirement.


Your Requests Please

I am going to offer videos, tapes of lectures, podcasts and ebooks on my store page soon. Tell me if there is anything in particular you would like me to record/write about and have available for purchase in my store.


How My Certification Program is Different from Others:

Quality and Cost

The program consists of 11 core classes and 60 supervised case studies.

  • I have been in this field for 29 years. There are few other communicators who have that level of experience.
  • Students receive a weekly private mentoring session while completing case studies (by live video or phone). No one offers this kind of in-person weekly help, nor in-person help for such a low monthly fee.
  • The overall program cost is between $2,000 and 3,000. Other programs are upwards of $8,000. The fact that my program costs are low does not mean that higher priced programs are better. I just decided not to charge those fees.
  • I have developed unique teaching techniques that help people quickly recover their intuitive abilities and also overcome any blocks easily and quickly.
  • Students can participate in a monthly online live Practice Group (includes case study).
  • There is no requirement to take the core classes in sequence. You can take classes as they are offered once you have the Beginning Class (or equivalent private tutoring session).
  • The program is flexible and meets your schedule and requirements. You can go at your own pace.

Animal Communicator Master Program


Week Long Intensive – April 27 May 1, 2018, Northern California

Come to a Week Long Intensive in Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature, happening this April 27 through May 1, 2018 at my farm in northern California. There are no prerequisites and the course is designed for complete beginners. You will complete all 11 courses required for the Master Program in Animal Communication, and you will also complete about 8 case studies. Contact Marta if you have questions.

 Upcoming Classes 2018

Online Classes (Done by video with call in option, no more than 10 per class)

For any of my classes you need to have taken a Beginning Animal Communication Class first. If you miss one of the scheduled Beginning classes you can schedule a one hour private tutoring session with my by phone or by skype to learn the basics of animal communication. Then you can take whatever other classes you like from my upcoming classes. I accept other teachers' beginning class as equivalent to mine.

Feb 6 and 13 – Beginning Animal Communication

Feb 20 and 27 – Talking with Your Own Animals

Individual Tutoring

Study with me individually via Skype, phone, or in person. I can teach you the basics of how to communicate intuitively with animals. We can also schedule a problem solving session if you are at a more advanced level and you are experiencing some blocks or issues. I can easily help you resolve anything that is holding you back.


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