If your dream is to be an excellent and accurate Animal Communicator, use this skill to help the animals and the earth, and support yourself as well, I can help you do that.

How it Works: When you sign up you get access each month to live online classes and videotaped classes, private tutoring sessions with Marta, a closed FaceBook groups for members to chat in, a monthly live online practice group led by Marta, and case evaluations sessions with Marta.

To complete the program you need to take the core curriculum of 11 classes and complete 60 case studies (with period review sessions as you go along). Classes are held via the internet in a video download program, and there is a call in option if you want to do that. There are no more than 10 people in a class, so this is not like a webinar, it is like being in a room with people.

Benefits of this program:

  • You have open access to Marta’s help whenever you need it.
  • You can work with other program participants to compare notes and do case studies. And you can participate in a live online practice group once a month.
  • You can go as rapidly as you are capable of going. You will have access to videotaped classes as well as to monthly live online classes.
  • You can count past equivalent classes (even with another teacher) and you may be able to use past case histories if they are well documented to move forward more quickly.
  • You will get Marta’s help learning how to video yourself doing case studies, and her guidance for how to set up your business.
  • You will achieve excellence and mastery of Animal Communication.

Required Courses:  The following Core Curriculum courses are required for certification.

Core Curriculum

      • Beginning Animal Communication
      • Talking with Your Own Animals (Intermediate)
      • Advanced Animal Communication
      • Finding Lost Animals
      • Talking with Wildlife and Nature
      • Manifesting for Ourselves and Our World
      • Intuitive Animal Training
      • Animals as Teachers and Healers/Mirroring Between Animals and People,
      • Death and Beyond,
      • Talking with Horses,
      • Counseling Animals and Their People (includes starting up your business)

How to take the Core Curriculum classes: You can take the classes in a variety of ways and at your own pace:

      • Online on the internet (2 classes offered per month)
      • Taped video for which you do homework assignments and follow up with Marta (most classes are available in this format)
      • In person (one day, weekend or 5 day courses) (Note, you could  host me to come to your area to teach in person.)
      • Private tutoring in person or by phone, Skype or Zoom

Case Studies: Complete and document 60 Case Studies. I will help you every step of the way from finding cases to completing them and evaluating your progress.


What you will receive: Once you have completed the requirements and are performing and we have completed the case study evaluation process, you will receive a certificate of completion and I will list you on my resources list on my website.

Follow up Sessions for Practicing Professionals: Even after you finish the program you are free to contact me for a private session whenever you need help. This service is also available to any Professional Animal Communicator who would like my help for a particular issue or block.

Fee: The monthly fee for being in the program is $400 which includes all the benefits and features listed above. You have one year to complete the program, but you could complete it in 6 months or even sooner, depending on your ability and what courses and case studies you have already completed.

If this is something you have been dreaming of, call or email me to get into my program. Marta: 530 528 9127. email